The Reformed Tabernacle- Preaching God's Word in Nigeria

The Reformed Tabernacle in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, is a Reformed Baptist Church where the gospel is preached faithfully. Rev. Aniekan Robert Ekpo is one of the Elders from the Tabernacle and has visited us several times bringing news of God’s work in the country of Nigeria. We have a close relationship with them through our Deacon Ibi, as Ibi is Nigerian and knows the Church very well. There are very few teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in Port Harcourt as the false and wicked gospel of health, wealth and prosperity is rife throughout the country. Masses in Nigeria are Christians in name, but they do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as their saviour or redeemer. Please pray for Rev. Anie & the leadership in Port Harcourt that:

  • God will continue to build His Church there & that many more would be saved.
  • God would guide the leadership at Port Harcourt, that they may make God honouring decisions and that they may remain faithful to the gospel.
  • God would use this Church for a reformation in Nigeria, that many more would turn from the health, wealth & prosperity word and instead turn to Christ.

Taste- Life-Changing Water

Would you get up before dawn to collect muddy water from dew-pools that have formed overnight? Would you dig into the sandy river bank to get your water for your children to drink? That’s how many of the communities that we support get their drinking water. How fair is that in the 21st century? TASTE is a Christian charity that provides water to Nigerian communities. We support TASTE in prayer and giving, and our relationship with them is close because of our member & deacon Ibiwari. Ibi is a trustee of TASTE and labours hard to see the work of TASTE bear fruit so that communities have clean water and that God is glorified. Please pray for TASTE:

  • That God would bless the labours of our brother Ibiwari within the charity.
  • That God would continue to provide clean water to Nigerian communities through TASTE.
  • That God would be pleased to use the work of TASTE for the salvation of sinners throughout Nigeria.

Daniel & Kathleen Gula- Church of Christ in Nigeria.

Our friends Daniel & Kathleen Gula are connected with the Church of Christ in Nigeria in the areas surrounding the Nigerian City of Jos. Kathleen was born in Newcastle and her parents moved to Northern Ireland when she was a teenager. She trained as a nurse in Sheffield and took a short course on language learning. Lisbon Baptist Church, N. Ireland sent Kathleen to Nigeria in 1963 and she visited various villages with the missionaries and worked in the hospital for a short time before she married Daniel. Daniel was born in Ngoshe Glavda, a state near the border of Cameroon. He became a Christian from a pagan religion in his mid-twenties and immediately entered full-time service of God. When Daniel was working as an evangelist he would walk the nine miles to the Gwoza Church every Sunday after he had met with a few of the animists (people who worship the sun, streams, stones etc) to teach them God’s true gospel. Once a month he would go to the Hospital for medicine, and through this Daniel and Kathleen met and were married. Jos is within the range of Boko Haram and is a hotspot for Muslim persecution making it dangerous for Christians to worship. Daniel and Kathleen face many trials because of this as there is a constant fear that Boko Haram will burn their Church buildings and kill Church members. There was a fruitful work in Gwoza where Daniel and Kathleen saw many converts, but due to the Boko Haram presence, they had to leave the area in order to survive. They now serve God in Vom through Vom Christian Hospital & Daniel serves in the surrounding Churches. Please pray for these servants of Christ as they seek to spread the gospel to the unbelievers of Nigeria:

  • Please pray for both Daniel & Kathleen as they are increasing in age. Daniel is now 80 years old.
  • Please pray that God would protect them as they live in constant fear of death. Boko Haram often send threats to the Churches and their faith is put to a great test. Pray that they would be protected, courageous and faithful and that their strength in the faith may be an example to us in the UK as we have such freedom to worship.
  • Please pray for the nation of Nigeria, that God would be gracious to them and be pleased to bring many to salvation in Christ.