Though we see abundant evidence of it around the world, Death to Life is a difficult concept to grasp. However, the truth of being brought from death to life, through the death and life of Jesus is an even greater challenge. Such a message is vitally important for us to believe, for it is God’s message of good news.

This film explores what the Bible has to say about this good news. With the backdrop of the beautiful scenery around Ramsbottom, Lancashire, this message of “Death To Life” is brought to us. Complementing this, we also hear the testimonies of 4 ordinary people as they express the wonder of what it means for them to have experienced this life-changing¬†message.

Enjoy the countryside. Listen carefully to the words. Believe the good news of death to life.

Thank you for watching this film. We hope that it has helped you to see the truth of death to life in Jesus.

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