Though often heralded around the world as a great centre of Christianity, sub-Saharan Africa is overrun with churches preaching a mix of prosperity gospel and traditional African religion. Such false teaching prompted Pastors Errol Hulse and Irving Steggles to meet about the possibility of training conferences for African pastors in 2005. Earlier Dennis Hustedt had initiated a series of training conferences in KZN in South Africa.

African Pastors’ Conferences was borne out of a great desire to see churches in Africa undergo reformation to become more biblical in their teaching and practice. The initial run of APCs occurred in January of 2006. For the first two years, APC was a January-only phenomenon.

In recent years, APC has continued to add conferences to the yearly schedule as far north as Uganda and Kenya and as far west as Nigeria.

The two founders, Errol and Irving, have since passed from us into Christ’s presence, but a new board with international representation now runs and oversees the work. At June 2021, the trustees are: Conrad Mbewe (Zambia), Joshua Bolaji (RSA), John Divito (USA), Thomas Winn (USA), Murungi Igweta (Kenya), Isaac Makashinyi (Zambia) & Oliver Allmand-Smith (UK).

Conferences as a Means of Developing Biblical Pastors

APC conferences are for pastors and last one or two days. Most of these pastors are unable to receive any formal theological training due to being engaged in full-time employment, alongside their pastoral duties.

The primary speakers at APC conferences are all pastors of churches and have a good understanding of the situation on the ground in the continent of Africa, which is important to ensure that the material presented is accessible to the delegates and directly relevant in their cultural settings.

Each pastor receives a packet of up to five free books to help with further study. In addition, they are free to purchase books from many faithful authors and publishers at large discounts. This assists them to continue studying in their own time once they leave the event, that they may grow in both theological and practical understanding, pastoring their flock more faithfully as a result.

Donating To APC

You can donate to APC on the Reformation Today website by going to the donations page – click on the link below. Be sure to tick the “African Pastors Conferences” button to ensure that the funds reach us. At present, all UK donations go towards the funding of books for the conferences, which is one of the largest expenses.

If you prefer to send a cheque, you will find the address and details on the same web page – again, click on the link below.

Vehicle Fundraising January 2023: We Reached Our Goal!

Join us in thanking God for His abundant provision in answering our prayers! Because of our need for a reliable vehicle to handle our ministry’s regional travels, we announced a special project to raise R500,000 ZAR / $28,000 USD / £25,000 GBP by January 31st, 2023.

We are overjoyed to report that due to the generosity of many churches and supporters, we have already reached and exceeded our goal with over 135% given to purchase a vehicle! In estimating the total by combining and converting the funds between 3 currencies, we have received approximately R690,000 ZAR / $39,500 USD / £32,500 GBP.

We are grateful for all who have helped make this special project a success and look forward to buying this critical vehicle. Having surpassed our goal, we will have additional funds to purchase a better vehicle as well as needed accessories and other related expenses.

Please rejoice with us and pray that the Lord will give us many years of faithful ministry using this vehicle.