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We are a gathering of believers united in our love for Christ, where all are welcome to come and join us for Worship, where we hear the Word of God preached faithfully. We confess the reformed faith, holding scripture as the only certain rule of faith and practice and seek to glorify God in the town of Ramsbottom.

Featured Updates

  • MERF Update October 2020
    Read the latest news about the work of MERF in North Africa by visiting our MERF page in the overseas missions section
  • Will “Conversion Therapy” Ban Affect Churches?
    Please read this latest update from the Christian Institute and continue in earnest prayer that our nation might yet bow the knee before our sovereign Lord in true repentance for all our sins.
  • Commitment To The Whole Truth
    In a court of law, we understand that stating part of the truth can be a clever way of deceiving others, why is why the witness must promise to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Every error that comes into the church and causes so much damage begins as a part-truth and ends up being a full-blown deception. In this article, our colleagues at Reformation Scotland helpfully show why being committed to the whole counsel of God as defined in a confession of faith guards against this danger.
  • Comprehending a God who is Beyond our Comprehension
    In this podcast from IRBS TS with Dr James Dolezal, the question is asked: How is it possible for us to comprehend a God who is beyond our comprehension? Dr Dolezal helps us to see that while we can never comprehend God comprehensively, nonetheless we can know God with assurance and be confident that our understanding is right. He also shows us why the reality of God's infinite and transcendent glory is the reason that eternity in heaven will always be satisfying as we seek to fathom the depths of an unfathomable God.
  • Remember Lot’s Wife, Body & Soul
    At the present time, great emphasis is placed upon the preservation of the body, and that is certainly important; but isn't the soul even more important? Jesus points the people of his own time to Lot's wife as a lesson in what happens if you concentrate 100% on preserving the body and neglect the soul; the outcome is not good for either body or soul. The writer of this excellent article challenges us to be counter-cultural at this time and give greater priority to the needs of the soul than the needs of the body.
  • Why You Should Tune Out Modern Media And Read The Puritans
    How easy it is to allow our minds to be overwhelmed by modern media: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, TV etc... Although there are exceptions, so much of what we read and see there is unprofitable, profane, godless, superficial and even deceptive. It would do us good to tune out and read the Puritans. This article explains why and shows us where to start.
  • Love From Liz
    Following the entrance of our dear sister Liz into the presence of her Lord and Saviour, we now have the opportunity to reflect on her life and testimony. View the Love From Liz page to see the hymns we sang, the memories we shared and the scriptures we read on that memorable day; also listen to the messages we heard from the word of God. And remember in everything that all the glory belongs not to Liz, but to her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
  • TASTE Nigeria October Prayer Letter
  • The Bible Is Positive About Procreation – Are We?
    Our culture views having children as a choice and a sacrifice but seldom as a responsibility and a blessing. The Bible sees things very differently being pro-child, pro-procreation and pro-conception. We need to be counter-cultural in our view of the womb and its fruitfulness.
  • JP & Fiona Earnest Prayer Update
    Latest prayer update from JP & Fiona with news on the work of Open Air Mission

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Here you can find the Churches and organisations we support as a fellowship. We support these works with resources which God has blessed us with and prayer for the glory of God.

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Trinity Grace Church has supported overseas missionary ministries for many years. We first began our involvement in the early 1970s and since then have expanded our gospel outreach to a needy world. We believe it is the responsibility of local churches to engage in this ministry, and we have rejoiced to play our part in the building of God’s kingdom throughout the world.

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