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We are a gathering of believers united in our love for Christ, where all are welcome to come and join us for Worship, where we hear the Word of God preached faithfully. We confess the reformed faith, holding scripture as the only certain rule of faith and practice and seek to glorify God in the town of Ramsbottom.

Ecclesiology Week 2021- Dr James Renihan

We are delighted that Prof. James Renihan is returning to teach his ecclesiology course. Due to restrictions, this has been delayed to Autumn 2021. Everyone that has already booked can be refunded OR have their booking transferred to the autumn as they desire.

Featured Updates

    All are warmly invited to our creation day on May 8th, when we will be hearing about the wonders of God’s creation and the glory it brings to his holy name. We have two sessions planned as follows: 4.00pm Biology and the Bible; Genesis and Genetics - Gavin Cox. 6.00pm Human race; Specially Created – Lucien Tuinstra. Covid regulations will be followed. ALL WELCOME.
  • Femi’s Testimony
    Recently we've had the joy of welcoming Femi as a member here at Trinity Grace Church. Our brother has been such a blessing to us and we are so thankful that the Lord has guided him to our fellowship and made him one with us. We commend his testimony to all as a monument to the grace and goodness of our wonderful Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Click below to go to our testimonies page and read all about what the Lord has done for Femi, and indeed for many others too.
  • Gula Update From Nigeria April 2021
    April 2021 update begins with these encouraging lines: What a wonderful month we have had and how we praise God for his goodness to us. Grace and the 3 grandchildren Jason, Christabel and Jessica were able to come to Nigeria and Yusuf joined them. Kumi also arrived. We started off with the wedding of Joshua and Josephine and it was a very lovely service and reception. Joshua was one of the young people from Gwoza given to Mark a few years before Eli and Mark married. The following week Saturday 3rd April was our Golden Wedding Anniversary. What a day !! Grace bought us a lovely golden lace outfit and they and the grandchildren all wore a beautiful golden lemon outfit. The grandchildren with Mark, Grace and Yusuf led us out to our seats.
  • Christian Institute Week Of Prayer For The Nation April 25th to May 1st
    We invite all our readers to join the Christian Institute in a week of prayer for our nation from Sunday 25 April to Saturday 1 May. Perhaps the most pressing matter right now is the protection of our freedom to preach the gospel in the public sphere and call upon men, women and children to repent and be converted. Right now, the prospect of a catch-all ‘conversion therapy’ ban is very serious. We need to pray that it will not extend to the ordinary, everyday work of churches – preaching, prayer and pastoral care.
  • New Podcast- Joy In Worship! A Devotional Episode.
    Worship, particularly reformed worship, is viewed as boring in our contemporary culture. Here we discuss why corporate worship is the most joyous event that any human being can experience on this earth, as we commune with the Father, through the Son, by the proceeding power of the Holy Spirit. The notion that worship be boring, put next to a scriptural understanding of what true worship is, is simply preposterous. Tune into this devotional episode of Trinity Grace Podcast to hear our exciting discussion about the great joyful reality and experience of corporate worship.
  • To Pray in Jesus’ Name: Praying through Our High Priest
    Seeing the sacrificial basis for prayer helps us answer a question people often ask: does God hear the prayers of the ungodly, or does he only listen to Christians? To put the question another way, does God pay any attention to Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and others who do not call on him in the name of Jesus Christ? There is a sense in which God hears everyone’s prayers. He is omniscient (all-knowing). Therefore, nothing that anyone ever says escapes his notice. Not one cry for help, not one desperate plea, not one invocation of his divine name (whether in blessing or as a curse) ever goes unnoticed. God hears everything. Of course he does! However, that really is not the question. The question is whether or not he receives every prayer with the same fatherly concern. What does it take for God to accept someone’s prayers? Click below to read the rest of this article from Philip Graham Ryken
  • Port Harcourt Church – Latest Update
    Visit our Nigeria page to find the latest update from Ani Ekpo on the work in Port Harcourt. The Lord is faithful and continues to bless the ministry of the church there in many ways.
  • Freedom To Speak About Transgenderism
    Many in our society speak about gender ideology as if everyone must agree. Christians are being put on the spot, aware that anyone who objects is quickly labelled hateful or transphobic. It’s no surprise that people are reluctant to say what they really think. A key tactic of activists is to silence debate by declaring it to be intolerant or even unlawful. So it’s crucial to take note of the many times when the freedom to disagree is affirmed by the courts. Recent cases prove there is space to disagree with transgender ideology – and also demonstrate the need for us to speak. Click below to go to our Current Affairs page and read the March 2021 update on freedom of speech in relation to transgenderism from the CI.
  • The Scottish Government’s Disproportionate Interference in the Church – Why it Matters
    Christians worldwide have been following the judicial review launched by 27 church leaders in Scotland, driven by the tireless work of Christian Concern and a very committed legal team. The review itself allowed the petitioners and the respondents to present their arguments to the court to consider the judge’s ruling, Lord Braid. On Wednesday 24th March, the decision was announced, concluding that the Scottish government had been guilty of ‘'disproportionate interference with the Article 9 right of the petitioners and others”. This conclusion is a very significant moment for the church in Scotland. It is a lesson from history and a message for today for several different groups in our land. Click below to read the full article from Parresia Books.
  • Court blasts Blackpool Council for discriminating against Christians
    Blackpool Council has been criticised by a judge after she ruled that it discriminated against Christians by banning bus adverts for the Lancashire Festival of Hope with Franklin Graham. The adverts, which simply displayed the message ‘Time for Hope!’, were controversially removed by the Council and Blackpool Transport Services Limited over Graham’s biblical views on marriage and sexuality. It followed this up by lighting up Blackpool Tower with the colours of the rainbow flag to show support for LGBT activists. But Her Honour Judge Claire Evans of Manchester County Court ruled “overwhelmingly” in favour of Graham and the Lancashire Festival of Hope, stating that the Council’s actions in removing the adverts and taking sides against local Christians were “the antithesis of the manner in which a public authority should behave in a democracy”.

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Trinity Grace Church has supported overseas missionary ministries for many years. We first began our involvement in the early 1970s and since then have expanded our gospel outreach to a needy world. We believe it is the responsibility of local churches to engage in this ministry, and we have rejoiced to play our part in the building of God’s kingdom throughout the world.

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