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Theology of Ministry

A Week of Study in Partnership With IRBS Seminary: – MARCH 9th – 13th 2020. A study of scripture to facilitate a biblical understanding of the nature of gospel ministry.

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CI News: 8 November 2019

In the news this week: The Government is consulting on a highly permissive new abortion law for Northern Ireland, a Stonewall co-founder accuses the group of shutting down debate on transgenderism and the Department for Education says schools must consult parents on LGBT.

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D-Day: Strategy & Sacrifice

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”
A short documentary video commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day landings.

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Love From Liz.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my “Love from Liz” page. I have been a member at Trinity Grace Church for around 30 years. My husband Rob is a full time elder here too and we have both been actively involved in church life and ministry..
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A-Z of Christianity

A to Z of words associated with the Christian faith to help young Christians to share their faith and to help those who have not really thought about the beliefs of Christianity..

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Reformation in Budapest.

One of our members here in Ramsbottom, Robert Kiss, was born and grew up in Budapest, Hungary. It was a great joy for him to discover the ministry of Miki Chiciudeanin in his home city. Please find the latest news for your encouragement and prayers.
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Mercies of a Covenant God – John Warburton

Are you from a humble, disadvantaged, secular background where there was no interest in spiritual things? Do you know someone else in that category? Are such people beyond hope? John Warburton’s story of glorious redemption and fruitful ministry gives a clear, emphatic and most encouraging answer!
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There are many projects across Kenya that need our prayerful and financial support – please follow this link to see what some of these projects are and explore the TRAIN Kenya website for further details.
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Rosaria Butterfield

Rosaria Butterfield interview

Rosaria Butterfield was a zealot for the LGBTQ cause, but is now equally zealous for the cause of Christ and Biblical Christianity. Listen to this fascinating interview and follow her on what is a rollercaoster of a spiritual journey.

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Never the same

What difference does the gospel make? What power does it possess? What happens when a community embraces Christ and allows his word to transform them? This moving short film shows the impact of the gospel upon the Sawi people of Papua New Guinea when Don Richardson’s family visits 50 years after they first preached Christ. See how the people of “Peace Child” really have made peace through the gospel.

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The World’s Most Persecuted Minority: Christians

The most persecuted and victimized people in the world today are Christians in the Middle East. The perpetrators of the widespread destruction of that region’s Christian community? Islamists.

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Why the reformation matters today

Why The Reformation matters today

The Protestant Reformation began 500 years ago to the day We take a look at Martin Luther and why The reformation still matters today.

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The Gospel

The Gospel

Sharing the gospel message with family, friends, work colleagues and neighbours can be daunting, but if we are really well prepared and we have thought carefully about our approach it can give us much more confidence. We have put together this summary as resource to help us to that end. May the Lord encourage us all to be bold and compassionate as we make known the saving power of Christ Jesus to all who are willing to listen.

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A plea from the UK

For a number of years, Prof Jim Renihan has been visiting the UK encouraging us to return to our confessional roots and build churches that are distinctively Reformed Baptist, committed to the 1689 Confession. Along with a team of men over in the States, Prof Renihan has been training young men for the ministry through the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies, based at Westminster Seminary in California. Plans are now afoot to establish a stand-alone seminary based on the 1689 Confession, and we were asked to produce a short film showing our support for the project and our need for more help on this side of the Atlantic, where the Confession was born! If you would like more information, or you are interested in hearing more about the ministry of IRBS and Prof Renihan in particular, please contact us using the contact button on the website.

gods glory our joy
Pilgrim Bible Notes
Now Available Online

Many of us have found Alec Taylor’s Bible Notes to be a great blessing over the years. We warmly commend them to all our readers. We print a number of copies for our own church members and would be happy to send you hard copies – just email us using the contact button on the homepage and we’ll let you know the cost. Alternatively, you can access present, past and future notes on the God’s Glory Our Joy website at http://ggoj.org.uk/pilgrim-bible-notes/download

Trinity Grace Church

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“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

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