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We believe that the closest we will ever get to heaven on earth is when we gather on the Lord’s Day in the presence of our Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to worship him. We meet, we read the Bible, we sing, we pray, we share in fellowship and above all we hear the risen Christ speak to us through the preaching of his gracious word. To find out more, please watch our welcome video below.

About us

We are a gathering of believers united in our love for Christ, where all are welcome to come and join us for worship, where we hear the Word of God preached faithfully. We confess the Reformed Faith as outlined in the 1689 Baptist Confession, holding to holy scripture as the only certain rule of faith and practice and seeking to glorify God in the town of Ramsbottom.

Ecclesiology Week 2021- Dr James Renihan

We are delighted that Prof. James Renihan is returning to teach his ecclesiology course October 27th to November 3rd 2021 God-willing. Go to our 1689 page for more details and to secure your place – numbers are limited.

Featured Updates

  • Staying Doctrinally Settled
    “There is a great deal of comfort in skepticism,” writes Gordon H. Clark. “If truth is impossible of attainment, then one need not suffer the pains of searching for it… Skepticism dispenses with all effort… Skepticism is the position that nothing can be demonstrated.” Sadly, rather than displaying a Berean spirit in sanctified searching and confirming God’s truths, many Christians express a default “authenticity” in skeptical generalities to excuse themselves from determining and affirming specifics in deference to Scriptural authority. Ministerial candidates take flabby, unproven exceptions to the Church’s time-tested confessional standards almost as a rule these days. Few believers would be compelled by R.C. Sproul’s appeal to engage in strenuous study and show oneself approved: “I think that we should seek to be faithful in small things that we may be prepared to be faithful in many things.” Yet, as comfortable as skeptical non-commitment may feel, Clark warns, “Suspension of judgment… is but a disguised, if dignified, form of unbelief.”
  • TASTE Nigeria Latest News
    We are thankful to the Lord that our CEO, Ben Udejiofo, was able to make a two week visit to Jos, Plateau State. He returned safely on Wednesday 11 August 2021. He was present at the commissioning of the drilling rig, but sadly was not able to see it in operation. The community where the rig was due to have carried out its first project was under heavy and sustained attack by Militant Fulani Herdsmen. These recent attacks devastating homes and crops have exacerbated the communities' need for clean drinking water and good sanitation facilities. Please pray that the rig will soon be able to enter these communities safely and complete these works. Pray for the Lord's presence, peace and protection for communities who are suffering with no help forthcoming from the Government.
  • Our Commitment To Biblical & Confessional Association
    Visit our association page and find out more about our commitment to working with other churches, as our confession says, for our "peace, increase of love and mutual edification". While there is so much to cause conflict, division and discouragement, the need for biblical association and communion between our churches is greater than ever.
  • The Grand Canyon’s Testimony To The Flood
    The Grand Canyon in northern Arizona, USA, holds numerous mysteries for the uniformitarian scientists who believe present processes can explain the rocks from the past. The 1,200 m of horizontal rocks showing on the walls of the Grand Canyon was considered to be a library of the gods by John Wesley Powell who first explored the canyon from a raft in 1869.1,2 Powell consider the walls of the Grand Canyon “a place where colourful layers of rock formed the ‘stony leaves of one great book’, in which they could read, line by line, how the universe was made.”1 In other words, Powell thought he could read the history of the earth’s geology from the horizontal layers and from the igneous and metamorphic layers below.
  • On The Conversion Of Children
    Concerning the determination of society to "convert" our children to its godless world view, Stephen Spinnenweber writes: none of what we’re seeing today takes God by surprise. This alone ought to comfort the fearful parent and concerned church member. Yet God’s Word doesn’t just describe the problem, but prescribes manifold ways in which the church can forewarn and forearm its children against the lofty opinions raised against the knowledge of God (2 Cor 10:5). God has not left us to fend for ourselves. He has given his church grace to endure before, and so we are assured that the immutably holy, wise, and gracious God will give his 21st century church everything necessary to flourish even in the midst of cultural upheaval.
  • Beyond The Taliban
    After 20 years, it has been suddenly announced that Western troops left Afghanistan. This has become the overriding subject of news and discussions on TV and the internet. We will leave the diverse political aspects and speculations to others. As biblically thinking Christians, however, we need to be reminded of our Lord’s firm exhortation to “first seek God’s kingdom and righteousness” and His perfect design for our daily prayers – the sanctity of our heavenly Father’s name, the coming of His kingdom and the application of His will.
  • New Podcast- The Life and Work of Benjamin Beddome with Dr Jason Montgomery
    The life of Benjamin Beddome (an 18th Century Confessional Baptist minister and author of the exposition of the baptist catechism) teaches us many lessons about the local church and pastoral ministry. Beddome ministered in the same church for over 50 years, he was thoroughly committed to the regional association of churches and his preaching reveals firm confidence in the Word of God. Listen in to hear more about Beddome's life and work, that God may be glorified and his Church victorious...
  • Pray For Kenya September 2021
    3 Friday Expansion of the Eldership: We are trusting the Lord to raise a more men in our midst to join the Eldership. The Elders are in conversation with some brothers in the church, with a view of incorporating them, so that we can be stronger for church planting in the city. 4 Saturday (1) The sisters have the Ladies Breakfast this morning. We pray that this time of fellowship would be for their encouragement and growth in Christ. (2) We thank the Lord that AO met with 3 of the 6 Christians who had been arrested in S0mal1land. He was encouraged by their strong faith and none of them denied Christ despite the pressure. It is probably advisable they relocate because of extremists. Pray that such Christians will stand firm. 5 Sunday Ministry today: (1) EA begins new adult SS classes on the Life of Moses and is preaching from the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6) in the morning service. DK is preaching in the afternoon from 1 Samuel 20. There are two membership applications to be interviewed. (2) MI is in Iowa.
  • Finding Common Ground
    In this helpful article, Dr Renihan shows how our confessional roots were not exclusive or extreme, but a conscious effort to find common ground upon which orthodox believers could stand together. While it is true that defining the faith requires the exclusion of those who are not true to God's word, it also enables us to stand together with those who are faithful to scripture, and it is this common ground that is wonderfully explored by Dr Renihan as he examines the historical context of our confession.
  • ‘Scientific research’—or depraved barbarity?
    Not until people return in their thinking to the standards of God’s Word will the rights of the unborn be protected. Babies in the womb are fully human, made in God’s Image. The research described in this article should shock the conscience of people in every nation which practices abortion, and permits the insidious medical research that exploits it. However, the sad reality is that consciences will not be stirred unless people face up to the consequences of breaking God’s moral law. Evolutionary thinking sees humans and rodents merely as distant cousins, therefore the unborn have no inherent dignity or worth. Only Genesis provides the moral framework for protecting humans created in His Image.

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