IRBS Seminary Texas

Our connection with IRBS Seminary began when Prof James Renihan came to the UK to teach his symbolics course on the 1689 Confession. Since then we have established a close partnership based on our common convictions, and we are seeking to assist in training the next generation of Pastors for our Churches. Prof Renihan visits us often and has recently taught a full accredited IRBS course here in the UK. There were 22 students that came to the full week of lectures and we are hoping that more of these weeks of full-time seminary level study can happen.

A full review of the week can be found here.


Here is Prof Renihan teaching. James Renihan is President & Professor of Historical Theology at IRBS. Prof Renihan loves the 1689 Confession and the Puritans that wrote the document such as Benjamin Keech and Nehemiah Coxe, his book on the subject named “Edification and Beauty” is particularly helpful in showing Reformed Baptists their roots.


IRBS Theological Seminary is unique in that it is residential, confessional and independent. They seek to provide ministers with comprehensive training, which means that their quality faculty teach the men to be both academically and practically prepared for the ministry.


Here is Prof Barcellos teaching, he teaches Biblical Studies and Hermeneutics. Prof Barcellos is Pastor of Grace Reformed Baptist Church California and has written several helpful books.



IRBS need our prayers!

Here are some prayer matters:


  • IRBS have significant financial needs, please pray that God will provide sufficient funding for the Seminary to continue.

  • Please pray that many men will be thoroughly trained for the gospel ministry through this Seminary and that the Seminary will be a tool God uses to bless his universal Church.

  • Please pray that God will keep IRBS faithful to the whole counsel of God.

  • Please pray that Prof Renihan’s vision for developments in the UK will come to pass and that our Churches will be full of young men that God will be pleased to use in the gospel ministry.

To find out more go to the IRBS website here or you can listen to the IRBS Podcasts here or on Spotify.