Who We Are

We believe that our name communicates what we stand for.

What We Believe

At Trinity Grace Church we preach God’s Word – nothing more, nothing less. We believe that the preaching of God’s Word is the most important part of our worship. We seek to be guided in all things by the Bible and the Bible alone.

Heritage & Legacy

Trinity Grace Church has been situated at its present address since 1976. The betting shop was the first property to be purchased. Later the sports shop was acquired and very recently number five was added and will be used mainly for Sunday School classrooms.


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Who are we likely to expect at Trinity Grace Church? Well we have brought together some friendly faces and in this section of the website, there are going to be testimonies and accounts of how the Lord God who created this Earth and everything in it, showed them the error of their ways and through Jesus, they were able to repent and turn to Him.