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We believe that the closest we will ever get to heaven on earth is when we gather on the Lord’s Day in the presence of our Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to worship him. We meet, we read the Bible, we sing, we pray, we share in fellowship and above all we hear the risen Christ speak to us through the preaching of his gracious word. To find out more, please watch our welcome video below.

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We are a gathering of believers united in our love for Christ, where all are welcome to come and join us for worship, where we hear the Word of God preached faithfully. We confess the Reformed Faith as outlined in the 1689 Baptist Confession, holding to holy scripture as the only certain rule of faith and practice and seeking to glorify God in the town of Ramsbottom.

Ecclesiology Week 2021- Dr James Renihan

We are delighted that Prof. James Renihan is returning to teach his ecclesiology course October 27th to November 3rd 2021 God-willing. Go to our 1689 page for more details and to secure your place – numbers are limited.

Featured Updates

  • Kenya Prayer Diary August 2021
    5 Thursday The Kahures have continued to labour in establishing a local church at Meru Town – they are calling it Trinity Reformed Baptist Church. The first Sunday morning worship was on July 4th with 7 attending, by the 3rd Sunday of July the number had almost doubled. The afternoon service is even better attended. 6 Friday The Korr church building was being completed between June 28th to July 23rd. The brethren there are so encouraged. Stephen & Esther Silamo got a baby daughter and the mother is recuperating well. Please pray for Ogom as he labours in the gospel ministry amongst his people around Korr. 7 Saturday The Men’s Breakfast is taking place at 08:00 today on the subject Becoming Intentional Men. There will be an Elders & Deacons Meeting at 10.00 and we trust the Lord for fruitful discussions. Pray for the Lord’s provision during these times of difficulty and distress, that the cause of Christ will not be hindered.
    The work of the gospel in Albania began with the apostle Paul. In Romans 15:19 he says “from Jerusalem and all the way around to Illyricum I have fulfilled the ministry of the gospel of Christ.” Titus also would have passed through Albania on his way to Dalmatia; modern day Croatia (2 Timothy 4:10). Yet from around the second century to the 1800’s we have no record of any evangelical witness, any evangelical churches or indeed evangelical believers. Through the British and Foreign Bible society the New Testament and other Scriptures were translated into Albanian and sold by travelling evangelists in the 1860’s and 70’s. Gerasim Qiriazi, an Albanian from what is now called Northern Macedonia, was employed by the Society and came to Albania. He was used of God to establish an evangelical church in the south western town of Korçë despite deep opposition from the Greek Orthodox church there.
  • Barnabas Fund Prayer Focus Update August 2021
    INDIA: Extremists have destroyed the homes of eight Christian families and forcibly expelled them from their village. The attack was carried out in the remote community of Sikapai village, in Rayagada district of Odisha, in April 2021. The mob devastated the Christians’ homes and forced them to leave the village. Initially the Christian families were not allowed to recover belongings before police intervened to calm the situation. The families took refuge in a forest nearby. Of the 40 families in Sikapai only these eight are Christian. A pastor paid tribute to the Christians’ strong faith in Jesus since they converted from the Kui tribal religion about ten years ago. One of the victims declared that the attackers “can destroy our homes, but not our faith in Jesus”.
  • Christian CEO Wins Religious Discrimination Claim
    Kenneth Ferguson, the former CEO of The Robertson Trust, has won his case against his old employer. The Christian Institute supported Kenneth through their Legal Defence Fund. Ruling in Kenneth’s favour, the Employment Tribunal found that he was a victim of religious discrimination and unfair dismissal at the hands of Scotland’s biggest grant-making trust and its Chair, Shonaig Macpherson. Kenneth, an elder at Stirling Free Church, had been CEO since 2011. But he was dismissed in March last year after Macpherson objected to his church renting Trust premises because it opposed same-sex marriage.
  • Christian Woman Stabbed At Speakers Corner
    A Christian woman who was attacked and stabbed multiple times by a man in a black Islamic robe at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, London, has spoken for the first time since the incident. Hatun Tash, 39, a well-known Christian apologist who regularly critiques and debates the Qur’an at Speakers’ Corner, the most famous place in the world for free speech, was attacked at 3.34pm on Sunday 25 July. Hatun is an ex-Muslim who has converted to Christianity and is the director of the ministry Defend Christ Critique Islam (DCCI). It is well known that those who convert from Islam are deemed to have committed apostasy which, according to sharia law, deserves the death penalty. Shocking video footage from Sunday’s incident has revealed a man clad in black, with a hood and face mask, unleashing a series of violent stabs at Hatun’s throat and body which left her with wounds to her face and hands. Hatun collapsed with blood down her face and is seen wearing a Charlie Hebdo t-shirt. Following the attack, the man immediately fled the scene and discarded the knife.
  • Church Membership: Why Bother?
    In this excellent article by Adam Parker, we are directed to the many privileges and responsibilities of membership and leadership. Of elders responsibilities he says: the elders aren’t responsible for the member’s body: they are responsible for the soul. The soul is easily neglected, especially in our own day, but the elders of the church are meant to be specialists for the member’s spiritual good. How is this done? What does soul care look like? At the bare minimum the answer should include ensuring that the word, the sacraments, and prayer are safeguarded in the local church. These three things are the primary and ordinary way that God plans to care for his people, and if they aren’t in place church leaders are shirking their responsibility to “keep watch over [the] souls” of God’s people.
  • Nigeria’s Grief
    On Sunday, May 30th, cries of terror filled the scattered homes that make up the rural community of Nwori Nduobashi, Nigeria. It was around 3 in the morning, and people were still asleep when an armed band broke into their homes, flashing light in their eyes to confuse them while they swung their machetes. In the meantime, some attackers stood by the door and windows, killing those who tried to escape. Some had guns. If a door was too solid to break down, the attackers set the house on fire. The few people who managed to escape were chased down and killed. Some bodies were found later on in the bushes—or only their clothes.
  • God’s Ancient Answer To Our 24/7 Anxiety
    A new study is concerned about the potential for the dehumanisation of work. “As the relationship between work, time, and place changes, there is a need to rediscover patterns of rest”. God has already provided the remedy. “The biblical idea of a Sabbath is an ancient answer to a very modern anxiety”. It is a day that “demonstrates for all of us that we are not defined by what we do or what we consume”. As a day of worship it gives us something that rises above and points beyond the daily grind. The need for it is hardwired into our nature from the creation of the world. We neglect it at our peril.
  • New Abortion Update!
    View our latest update on abortion on our abortion page using the link below.
  • The Peppered Moth- evidence for biblical creation, not evolution!
    Read the below article "Reclaiming the peppered moth". It shows how Moths were intelligently designed to adapt.

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