Hope In Grief

Grief is a very difficult emotion to deal with; there’s a lot of pain in it; and the loss of the one with whom you were one flesh is probably the hardest of all; the pain, darkness and sadness that envelops is terrible.

But the Bible teaches that we do not grieve as those who have no hope. Sad, but not in despair, because the Christian has hope.

Why is that so? How can that be? Find out in this moving, personal account of hope in grief.

Love from Liz- The God of All Comfort

Many believers suffer great emotional or physical pain and their dreams are shattered and broken, their spirit feels crushed. As believers, it’s good to know and remember that we are in the hands of the God of all Comfort.

Love from Liz – Introduction

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my “Love from Liz” page. I have been a member at Trinity Grace Church for around 30 years. My husband Rob is a full time elder here too and we have both been actively involved in church life and ministry.

A few months ago it felt like the bottom dropped out of my world when my oncologist told me I had advanced breast cancer that it was no longer curable, but only manageable for the short term future.

I have been suffering with breast cancer since Jan 2017 and was very hopeful for a good outcome in the early days. I underwent surgery, then chemotherapy, then extensive radiotherapy and then spent a year feeling almost back to normal after all my treatment. I managed to go back to work as a nurse practitioner and pick up my life where it left off before the cancer. It was a tough journey and I was hopeful that I had been cured. It has been very difficult to come to terms with my new diagnosis and, but for the grace of God and my faith in a sovereign, loving and eternal God I don’t know where I would be.

Now I have had to retire from work due to ill health, I am missing my full and active life that I had before. So, I thought that now I have a much quieter life it would be good to start to share some thoughts about my faith in relation to my current circumstances. I hope that by sharing these thoughts they will be a blessing and encouragement to the reader.

I thought I would call my page “Love from Liz” as I will be sharing my faith in love for God and love for people. As you look out for my “Love from Liz” page, I hope you will be blessed by reading it.

Love from Liz- December 19.

No Room for Jesus?

It’s been a long time since I wrote an update on my love from Liz page. There are a few reasons for this, the past 6 months have been a tumultuous roller coaster of living with advanced cancer and coming to terms with the impact this has had on me and my family. There have been many tears and difficulties, but also by God’s grace many joys and many reasons to be thankful…

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