3 Friday Expansion of the Eldership: We are trusting the Lord to raise a more men in our midst to join the Eldership. The Elders are in conversation with some brothers in the church, with a view of incorporating them, so that we can be stronger for church planting in the city. 4 Saturday (1) The sisters have the Ladies Breakfast this morning. We pray that this time of fellowship would be for their encouragement and growth in Christ. (2) We thank the Lord that AO met with 3 of the 6 Christians who had been arrested in S0mal1land. He was encouraged by their strong faith and none of them denied Christ despite the pressure. It is probably advisable they relocate because of extremists. Pray that such Christians will stand firm. 5 Sunday Ministry today: (1) EA begins new adult SS classes on the Life of Moses and is preaching from the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6) in the morning service. DK is preaching in the afternoon from 1 Samuel 20. There are two membership applications to be interviewed. (2) MI is in Iowa.