Please do not forget to pray for our brethren from S0mal1a. AO continues to live in Ethiopia and minister over the radio the gospel of Jesus Christ in his s0mal1 tongue. He will be with me all the time I am in Kenya from late October, and then I will spend a few days at the end with him and his family in Addis Ababa. MO settled in the States from 2009, and has been in Seattle for a couple of years. He has been hospitalized for quite a few weeks now, at least with trauma, although I really do not know what has happened. I usually phone him weekly, but have not been able for quite a time now. I thankful that a number of brethren in the area have sought to minister to him. May the Lord keep him faithful to the end. NH lives with is wife in Nairobi. His ministry is speaking “the Word of God on Telegram, (and) now we are 73 S0mal1 believers around the World”. AS fled to Kenya earlier this year, professed faith, and is now part of TBC. A couple of months ago his wife and two daughters were able to flee from home and join him in Kenya. Please pray that as they learn about Christ, they might also be saved.