Keith writes: I have developed a relationship with Grace Reformed Baptist Church, and was last here in November 2022 for their 10th anniversary. The connection is through Alan & Kez Kimunguyi who were young people in the church in Nairobi and now live in Dubai. Before they came the church was entirely Filipino and used Tagalog (90% of the UAE population are workers from outside the country). Now they use English and the church is more multi-cultural. Elly at Kasei Primary School Keith at Kamketo Trinity Girls Secondary They wanted me to deal with the problem of legalism. So for the Friday night Bible study I took Matthew 22:34-40, emphasizing that that being anti-legalism does not mean antinomianism. I preached twice Sunday morning, on the Cost and Return of Following Jesus (Matthew 19:27-30), and on being Ready for the Second Coming (Matthew 25:1-13). Being so-called ‘winter’ with temperatures in the lower 20s C. we had food in one of the parks and they requested me to talk about courtship and marriage with many of them unmarried and getting older.