Broken Wharfe is working with a local church and devoted indigenous missionary on the front lines of challenging missions in Pakistan. Converted to Christ several years ago, he came to reformed Baptist convictions. A deep conviction drives this missionary to see healthy churches planted and thriving in the faith. However, the context of their mission is challenging, making safety a paramount concern. In September 2023, this missionary reached out to Broken Wharfe with a heartfelt plea for assistance translating reformed Baptist books into Urdu. Their vision was clear - distributing these books throughout Pakistan, touching the lives of churches, ministers, church members, university students and schools. Broken Wharfe, recognising the significance of this endeavour, quickly responded. Together, their first project, Christian Basics, resulted in the printing of 10,000 copies and is currently being distributed, making its way into various corners of Pakistan. Notably, the impact has reached local schools, where the book has been incorporated into the school's curriculum, influencing a younger generation with the basics of confessional Baptist principles. Now there are plans for further materials to be made available and we need your support.