In her Daily Mail column this week (March 2024), Nadine Dorries, former Secretary of State, former health minister and former nurse, describes the day she came face-to-face with the savagery of abortion. “When I was a young nurse of 18, I experienced something that changed me profoundly. My months on the gynaecological ward had been the happiest and most rewarding of my short career – until the day I was asked to help during the termination of a pregnancy at 27 weeks. “Back then, the legal limit for abortion was 28 weeks. This was reduced to 24 in 1990. “The expectant mother, who was only 16, had been injected in her uterine cavity with the hormone prostaglandin. Several excruciating hours later, the foetus – a little boy – was delivered. He was dropped in a bedpan and the ward sister handed him to me, saying: ‘Take this into the sluice room and leave it there until I come. Stay with it.’