Welcome To The Blog!

Hi and Welcome to The Creation Blog!

Let me start with a word of explanation about this ‘Blog’. Firstly I am no Scientist, Philosopher, Pastor or Theologian and I cannot boast of any notable academic achievement so anything you read from here on in is either; begged, borrowed or blatantly plagiarized from far greater minds than my own. I do not believe however, that you need to be in any of the afore mentioned categories to see what is blatantly obvious to anyone with a mind to see the blatantly obvious. Whilst I don’t wish to sound disparaging I do believe that God has given humanity clear testimony regarding His nature and invisible attributes from creation itself.

Rom 1:20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse,

I think it is important to state at the beginning that I do not believe unbelief is an academic issue – unbelief is a purely spiritual problem, which will ultimately demand a spiritual solution. However; faith in the God of the Bible and more specifically the Gospel concerning His Only Begotten Son, is not a leap in the dark or simply blind faith (as some would have us believe). It is a reasonable faith based on what we do know about the nature of creation, historical evidences and ourselves as creatures made in His image. This is in contrast with atheism, which is in my view an absolute leap in the dark, involving a totally unreasonable and incredulous faith.

If I have any credentials for commenting on these issues I would state the following:

I am a human being: This may sound a bit like ‘no qualification at all’ but (to quote CS Lewis) it does give me inside knowledge of what it means to be a human being ‘made in His image’. I am not a rock, a dog, a tree or a sloth so I have no internal knowledge of what it means to be any of those things but I do have inside information on the nature of human beings because I am one. I have longed for meaning and purpose, wrestled with conscience, been convicted by sin, known the joy of forgiveness etc. etc. Actually; there may be some debate about the sloth – speak with my wife for further info…

I am a Christian: I have not always been a believer in The Lord Jesus Christ. It follows therefore that I must have some knowledge of the nature of unbelief having been of that mindset for most of my adolescent and early adult years. As a fallen moral creature I have privileged access of what it means to be lost and found.

I am experienced: I have spent many hours over the past 30 plus years, involved in door to door and personal street evangelism. During these times I have been asked every conceivable question and been confronted with just about every conceivable reason for unbelief. The surprising thing I found is just how few objections there are. Anyone who has spent just a short time involved in this kind of work will soon testify as to how often the same reasons/objections keep popping up. So predictable are these oppositions that I could almost guarantee that I will hear nothing new the next time I spend time talking with people on the streets.

By way of disclaimer, I wish to state that the views expressed are my own and not necessarily held as articles of faith by my church leadership or of it’s members. I have no claim to infallibility. The only infallibly true words stated in this blog are those quoted directly from the Bible.

This blog is for the layperson by a layperson: I will try to keep things simple (not always achievable), short (not always possible) and contemporary (not always obvious when dealing with origins). I will be keeping my eye on current events in the media, commenting where appropriate and try to deal with issues/questions when speaking to friends, colleagues and people on the street.

Not all things in this blog will be creation related. I will try to give an overview across every area of ‘Christian Apologetics’ cherry picking points of interest where appropriate.

So… here endeth the first ‘Creation Blog’. I think it might be a good idea to give an explanation of what is meant by the term ‘Apologetics’ and ‘Christian Apologetics’ in particular, in the next blog. I would hate to give the impression (due to lack of literary skill on my part) that I’m apologizing for apologetics but all shall be revealed …… So buckle up, hold tight and enjoy the ride! 🙂

Hope you like the featured picture above – taken somewhere in the Lake District this Summer (no-effects added).