Episode 10: Chronological Snobbery & Historical Ignorance

“Chronological snobbery” was a term used by the 20th-century theologian C.S. Lewis. It is an approach to history and knowledge where we deem that new ideas are good and old ideas are bad. Evangelical Christians are increasingly doing this with theology and non-biblical ideas. In this podcast, we discuss the weaknesses of this approach for Christians and how “if it’s recent, it’s decent” is not necessarily true.

Episode 9: The Cult of Personality & The Destruction of Real Leadership

In many Evangelical Churches, the ideal leader is the celebrity. We pick our leaders over their past business success, or maybe their ability to appeal to teens, or their “zip”, “pazazz”, “wow factor” etc. These qualifications are not bad in themselves, but they are all secondary and unimportant when compared to the qualifications given in Scripture. Whether or not the leader is a person of truth seems to slip the minds of an increasing number of Churches when choosing a Pastor. How are we to tackle this issue? How are we to make sure that our leaders uphold the whole counsel of God and qualify for biblical leadership according to what the Bible teaches? This issue is discussed throughout the podcast.

Episode 8: Hyper Individualism & The Sovereignty of Self

The spirit of our age is one of hyper-individualism, where the self is sovereign over all things. Even the truth! In this podcast, we discuss how this attitude has seeped into Western Christianity and how we can tackle hyper-individualism in our Churches. We need to confess the whole truth of scripture, uphold it and teach it. This will turn us away from¬† “me” and towards God.

Episode 7: This Changes Everything. 2 Timothy.

If we really believed the Bible is inspired by God it would change everything! We wouldn’t be late for church, we wouldn’t rely on our own wisdom and we would seek to hear His word in the pulpit as often as possible. Paul charged Timothy with seriousness and conviction to “preach the word”. In this podcast, we explore the charge, why preaching the gospel was a matter of necessity for Paul, what true preaching is and why preaching is God’s ordinary means of saving lowly sinners and building His people up in the faith.

Episode 6: Christianity & Philosophy

Is philosophy a nuisance? Or can it be an aid to Christian’s in their faith? In this podcast, we discuss how philosophy can help us in the Christian faith and the defending of it. It is through Philosophy that we can show others the truth of scripture, but also understand their fundamental presuppositions and therefore show them their precommitment to unbelief. This can help us present the gospel effectively and clearly to those that deny it’s truth.

Episode 5: Fan It Into Flame! 2 Timothy.

Are we using our gifts for God’s glory, or are we being complacent? Paul exhorted Timothy to “stir up” the God-given gift that was within him and he exhorted Timothy. Why? Because God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of “power and of love and of a sound mind”. This theme is explored throughout the podcast on 2 Timothy Ch 1.

Episode 4: "Timothy, My Son". An Overview Of 2 Timothy.

What is 2 Timothy about? What’s the context of the letter? Where is Paul when writing it and why is the letter so intense and emotional?
These, alongside a number of other questions, are answered in this podcast as Pastor Rob Stredder explains to us the nature and context of 2 Timothy.

Episode 3. Making The Most Of The Sermon.

An interview with Pastor Tony Flanders on his recent sermon series where he answers questions like ‘why is it important to listen to preaching?’ ‘Should I pray for the preacher & when should I do this?’ And ‘how are we to put the preaching we hear into practice?’ Pastor Tony shows us that we should take these matters very seriously, as Christ speaks to us through the preaching!

Episode 2. Coronavirus special- Biblical principles for thinking clearly!

How are Christians to confront a crisis like this? Listen to this episode and learn how applying the truths of Scripture to situations of chaos and stress is a great blessing. We must resort to the unchanging truth of the Bible in our decisions and reactions, not to our emotions, personalities or even the media.


Episode 1. A Bulwark Against Doctrinal Compromise. The 1689 Confession of Faith.

Hear Oliver Allmand-Smith speaking on why the 1689 Baptist Confession helps us to stand on the solid ground of Scripture and resist the trend of compromise.