Trinity Grace Editions is committed to publishing literature that is:

  • Faithful to scripture
  • Rooted in our Reformed Baptist Tradition
  • Committed to the Second London Confession (also known as the 1689 Baptist Confession)
  • Accessible to all readers in our churches

We rejoice that there is a growing interest in our reformed and baptistic heritage in many parts of the world today, but sadly in the UK, there has been a sustained decline over recent years. Trinity Grace Editions is committed to making such literature accessible to the widest possible readership. If you are interested in purchasing physical copies of our publications, please contact Oliver, details can be found on the contact page.

Trinity Grace - List of Publications

Here is a list of our current publications. We will be adding more in the future.

Christian Basics – John Hall

About the Book

Christian Basics introduces the Christian faith in a simple and attractive layout. Designed to educate new Christians in basic doctrines, this simple course can be used in Bible studies, new member classes, or as a gift to someone considering the claims of Christianity.

It will help you to lay a foundation which can be built upon as you hear the Bible read and preached. Appended to each chapter are questions to facilitate discussion. For young and old, Christian Basics serves as a short introduction to the great themes of the Bible.

This Christian Basics course has been used for about 25 years at Grace Church to help ground new converts and to present Christianity to those interested. It has also been adapted to teach children. It has been used in India, Sri Lanka, Australia, USA, Kenya, Malaysia, as well as in the UK, and has been translated into Tamil, Bahasa and Luo. It has also been made into a series of radio programmes by Grace Baptist Mission.

About the Author

John Hall was an elder at Grace Church from 1973-2013. The church now meets in Yate, near Bristol, UK.