1689 Confession of Faith

Back in 2011 we made a very important decision as a church, to adopt the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith as our statement of faith, and we became a confessional church. See what that means here!

Gospel Statement

At Trinity Grace Church we preach God’s Word – nothing more, nothing less. We believe that the preaching of God’s Word is the most important part of our worship. We seek to be guided in all things by the Bible and the Bible alone.

Love From Liz

I will be sharing my faith in love for God and love for people. As you look out for my “Love from Liz” page, I hope you will be blessed by reading it.


Who am I? Where have I come from?
What we believe to be the answer to these questions will determine how we view ourselves, the world we live in and those around us.

A - Z of Christianity

The purpose of writing this brief A to Z of words associated with the Christian faith is firstly to help young Christians to share their faith and secondly to help those who have not really thought about the beliefs of Christianity.

Honest Answers

This is a series of short films giving honest answers to sincere questions.

Church History

Here you will find articles on the history of the Church, and the relevance that has to us today.

Current Affairs

Here, you will find information on current affairs.

Trinity Grace Editions

Our Trinity Grace Editions page is a resource for downloading our books and we are committed to making such literature accessible to the widest possible readership.


Here you will find our sermon summaries, amongst other helpful resources


We have a collection of highlighted articles that we’d love to share with you.