The House of Ants

The House of Ants was founded by the late Delci Santos, a Brazilian missionary, who began her work with children in 1989. The House of Ants is a day centre which supports over 350 needy children daily, providing food, medical care, the teaching of basic skills and the sharing of God’s Word in the Bible. One of our Elders, Rob, has visited the House of Ants a number of times. He has seen the way God has used the day centre to bless deprived children and God has been pleased to save many of them and add them to His Church. The only way this work will continue is if we pray!

  • Please pray that God will provide the appropriate funds and resources for the House of Ants to function.
  • Pray that God will guide the minds of the leaders and that all their decisions would be in line with the Scriptures.
  • Please pray that God would continue to save the souls of these children through the work.

Please view the video below which was put together by Rob after his 2014 visit to Mozambique.