Have you ever thought about the fact that God is a consuming fire (Hebrews 12:29) when hurrying into church on Sunday, hopefully before the service begins? The Teacher of Ecclesiastes reminds us that we need watch our steps when we come to God’s house. We do this by thinking carefully and humbly about the God we have come to meet. By way of the following three questions, I would like to present some basic principles that inform what I believe is a biblical approach to worshipping in God’s house: what are we doing in worship; why do we worship; and how should we engage in worship? The last year has sparked a new kind of worship war in our nation. Is worship essential or non-essential? Is “livestream” a suitable substitute for being in person? Some governors have even had the audacity to tell their citizens how to worship, one in particular saying “You don’t have to sit in the church pew for God to hear your prayers.” So which is it? What are God’s people actually doing in worship? The Word of God answers this question with a simple but profound phrase: in worship, God’s people draw near.