As the conflict develops and moves into more westerly regions of Ukraine, God’s people have been making available their church buildings, their halls and even their homes, all in accordance with the plans laid according to the wise counsel of church leaders, in the time of build-up to this crisis. They have responded with a sacrificial effort to prepare this emergency accommodation, and also to provide warm clothing, bedding and blankets, necessary household equipment, and even generators for emergency power, and they have done so with the help of the amazing generosity of SGA prayer supporters, guaranteeing funding for this huge humanitarian effort. At the time of writing an initial amount of £90,000 has been made available to help our friends in Ukraine and the neighbouring countries to finance and sustain this ministry over a more prolonged period of time. Providing necessary aid at this point in time, is only the beginning of months and even years when funding and support will continue to be necessary. Gifts given for addressing this humanitarian crisis will go IN THEIR ENTIRETY to those in need.