Tom Richwine writes: While I’ve known about the Trinity Pastors’ College (TPC) for many years, it was only in 2019, when I visited Nairobi that I understood the extent of the work being accomplished. For several weeks I had the opportunity to work with TPC students and graduates and participate in ministry with them among the Rendille people as well as the saints in Nairobi. It is very clear that TPC provides its students with a full-orbed theological education. Modeled on the experiences of its founder, Keith Underhill, at Westminster Seminary, the three-year TCP program is a rigorous, systematic approach to biblical education. Extensive reading, on-site instruction, practical ministry opportunities and formal written assignments form the core of the experience. No matter the subject or doctrine we discussed, it was clear TPC had successfully prepared its students to a level commensurate with US seminaries.