Even before the rise of the Persian empire, Isaiah 44 & 45 prophesied the name of its great leader. That king returned the Israelites from exile in 538 BC, to rebuild Jerusalem, anticipating the coming of God’s promised Messiah to bless all peoples. His dynasty extended Persian rule over a vast empire that then included almost half the world’s population. Several centuries after Christ’s coming, Islam swept most of these areas. The Persian or Farsi language, however, is still spoken in Iran, areas of Afghanistan, Iraq & the Persian/Arabian Gulf states and Tajikistan. Yet, travel and turmoil of our age, has carried Farsi-speakers to every corner of the globe. Most are Muslims, yet all celebrate the traditional pre-Islamic Persian New Year ‘Norooz’ on the first day of Spring. Like the Arabic online ministry, MERF’s Farsi gospel ministry shares God’s Word in both indirect and direct formats.