The eastern region of Ukraine has been embroiled in conflict for eight years now, resulting in almost 15,000 deaths and the internal displacement of almost 2 million people. Until recently it had become a ‘forgotten war’, but recent events on the border with Russia and the significant build-up of military personnel and armaments have brought this back into centre place in world news. The present build-up of Russian troops is seen as a ‘new level’ of threat – one which encompasses the whole nation and not merely certain regions. In the event of war, many will be forced to flee, but others, including believers, are determined to stay and continue their ministry. Church leaders point out that in the conflict area in the east, thirty-five churches have been established despite the conflict and its consequences. Pray for courage for those who plan to stay, and for their protection from harm. At this time no-one knows how this situation will develop, but we do know that our God is sovereign, and our fellow-believers in Ukraine are also convinced of this, and believe that ultimately it is the hand of God which will protect, or deliver them from the ravages of war. Join with them in earnest prayer for God’s intervention in this potentially explosive situation.