We are grateful to Banner of Truth for providing us with an opportunity to exhibit Broken Wharfe Confessional Baptist Resources and promote International Reformed Baptist Seminary UK at their Minister’s Conference. This year’s conference was hosted at Yarnfield Park in Staffordshire. The theme was Communion with God. Conrad Mbewe took the main meetings while other meetings were taken by David Cambell, Jeff Kingswood, Robert Strivens, Andy Hambleton, Robert McCollum Jr. and Meirion Thomas. One highlight was a small group meeting of ministers with Conrad Mbewe. He spoke about the importance of the 2nd London Baptist Confession in his labours in Africa. In his efforts to promote serious reformed theology among the people, he spoke about how he and others turned to the 1689 Confession in their work to build confessional churches. The growing interest in confessional Baptist theology and churches among ministers who attended was very tangible. We had numerous encouraging conversations with ministers who are beginning to realise the spiritual and moral responsibility reformed men have to lead churches in confessing together their faith.