Christian Concern reports that MPs have just voted by 215 votes to 188 to keep the government's emergency authorisation of pills by post abortions permanently. This will have dire consequences for vulnerable women, who will be pressured into abortions they don't want and not given proper face to face checks to make sure it is safe. We've done everything we could to demonstrate to MPs that this policy is dangerous. A majority today ignored that evidence, but it was not without a fight. In time, many of these MPs will realise the harm this policy causes and, we pray, overturn it. The margin is quite small - as more evidence comes out, there may yet be a change of direction. In the meantime, the Church needs to bring the hope of Jesus to our communities - to be ready to support women in crisis pregnancies and all those who have been harmed by abortion. We are Christ's ambassadors, called to bring the love of Jesus to those around us - giving practical support, healing and offering his forgiveness to all who seek it.