11 Wednesday TPC classes begin today on Old Testament Theology and History. Ben Carlson, pastor of Grace Reformed Baptist Church, Owensborough KY will be teaching virtually. We have 7 regular students who will be attending with a few others auditing. The time difference will make teaching for Ben challenging. 12 Thursday The work in Pokot is undergoing some testing because of political alignments. Please pray for the church leaders to steer away from politics as they may be inclined to endorse one or another politician. Instead let them see that the real influence in their community is in gospel ministry. Schools have also re-opened and we pray that they will faithfully seek to have gospel influence among the children to raise a generation that loves and serves the Lord. 13 Friday Dine & Listen is an evangelistic dinner we host two times a year. Michael Maura, pastor of Bethesda Baptist Church, Tassia, will be preaching tonight. Members are encouraged to invite their unbelieving relatives to hear the gospel.