1 Tuesday (1) KU & MI are going north to Rendille, where they aim to encourage the brothers labouring for Christ. Today they hope to spend at Losidan, where we sponsor a primary school, and see Stephen Seitalo in nearby Lontolio who is a faithful labourer for Christ. (2) One of our members, John Njogu. was bereaved of his father last week. He was sadly kidnapped & murdered. Today is the funeral service. Pray that John would be comforted, and that the gospel of Jesus Christ would clearly be preached by EA. 2 Wednesday (1) Pray for God’s blessing in the Swahili service tonight as EA begins a series through the letters to the seven churches in the book of Revelation. (2) KU & MI plan to visit contacts in Sokoteey and Lekuchula. Neither place has a permanent gospel witness.