2 Thursday Rendille land and North Kenya as a whole has experienced horrible drought and famine. We sent some food to the 34 households represented in the church in Korr in November which hopefully could last them a few weeks. Please pray for them to fix their eyes upon Jesus, for our help comes from him. In the last few days there have thankfully been some showers. 3 Friday The TBCN Elders spend the day together to pray and think through the various aspects of the church in light of the end of the year and in planning for 2022. We thank the Lord for the blessing of working together. 4 Saturday The Deacons will join the Elders today for the annual retreat where various issues will be addressed including the church’s budget for the 2022. One of the challenges we have had to deal with this year is the deficit in giving (the Lord has graciously provided) but we desire to live within our means.