(1) Tonny Karwa continues to serve at Grace Baptist Church, Kisumu. The family has gone through a challenging time last month with Olivia needing an MRI/MRV, Tonny needing a series of heart tests, and their two children (Junior & Levin) being hospitalized with one (Junior) having an ENT surgery. Pray that in the midst of this difficult providence Tonny and Olivia will remain faithful and fruitful in the gospel. (2) Thank God for the recently concluded Vacation Bible School with up to 70 children and pray for parents to make the most of the school holidays to point their children to Christ. (3) The pastoral internship program has been graciously used by the Lord to mentor a number of men both for the benefit of TBCN and other churches. Pray that the Lord would provide more men and resources to support them as they are trained for the ministry. Pray for James Mwirigi and Paul Ruhiu as they continue to serve the church as pastoral interns.