Please support House of Ants in prayer and with financial help. This is an extract from the June update: Percina is 10 and Junior 6 years old, they are brother and sister. Percina is in year 5 and Junior year 1 at school. Since they don’t actually live in the House of Ants, they come in daily for schooling, food and other assistance due to their father being unemployed. Both are happy children and ready to learn, particularly in the Bible teaching classes. Paulo André is 12 years old and lived with a carer, which he called his grandmother. The house was very small and 6 other members lived in the same room. He is small for his age, cannot speak and is immobilised in his lower body and legs, needing total care. He is also HIV positive from birth. He was sent to us by the Social Services, as he was vulnerable with the family he was living with.