Racism is endemic to the fallen human heart, which is the reason why it is such a serious problem in Britain and across the world today. Many recognise the problem and propose their own political, sociological, philosophical and even revolutionary solutions. None of them have proven sufficiently powerful to deal with the problem. But the Christian already knows the remedy – the Christ who is revealed to us in the scriptures has already secured the antidote to all racism. There will be no racism in the new earth when he consummates all things, and even now in his church racism can be overcome by his redemptive power. In these two articles, published in Reformation Today magazine and available online, Ronald Kalifungwa helpfully outlines the Bible’s antidote to racism, which is not political, sociological, philosophical or revolutionary, because it is far more radical than any of these! Ultimately, the answer is Christ himself. But how? Read on to find out more. Ronald Kalifungwa is Pastor of Lusaka Baptist Church, Zambia and teaches at Trinity Pastors College in Nairobi, Kenya.