Visit our persecution page to read the May 2021 prayer update, including this update from Nigeria: Five out of 39 Nigerian students, mainly Christian, kidnapped from the Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation in Mando, Kaduna State, in March have been released, the State government announced on 5 April. The 39 students (23 female and 16 male) were abducted by an armed gang in a raid on the college on 11 March. The five students are undergoing medical checks in a military facility. Videos released by the kidnappers showed the students being threatened, beaten and whipped. A church minister and three worshippers were killed by gunmen in an attack on a church in Benue State in Nigeria’s Middle Belt. The men entered a church building in Aye-Tuwar village on 30 March, just as an early-morning service was closing. They shot dead the minister – Ferdinand Fanen Ngugban – and three others, Mfave Tumachihi, Mbangohor Tsebo and Orlukaa Ulu.