There is no time or place better than in corporate worship on Sunday for us to find rest in God. It is the closest we get to heaven on earth. It is the highest expression of our chief end of glorifying and enjoying him forever. Given Scripture’s high view of the Sabbath day and all the blessings promised therein, the more appropriate question to ask is not, “Why can’t I do x?,” but, “How is it that I get to do all that is available to me on the Sabbath?” Thomas Watson once wrote, “What does he lose who parts with a flower and gets a jewel?” All that which we forego pales in comparison to the worth of that which we gain on the Lord’s Day. So long as we keep this in the forefront of our minds, that feeling of resentment that we so often feel will soon give way to gratitude and delight in being able to commune with our bridegroom once again.