Nelson McCausland, a former minister in the NI Executive, recently used Facebook to share the testimony of Becket Cook, an American who lived a homosexual lifestyle until he turned to Christ. LGBT activists denounced Mr McCausland as a proponent of ‘conversion therapy’. Some, including elected officials, called for him to be sacked from his position on the Board of the NI Education Authority. But Becket Cook’s testimony is about his Christian conversion and has nothing to do with ‘conversion therapy’. The vitriol experienced by Nelson McCausland shows that the real target for these activists is the gospel. As a church, we have been calling our members to a greater awareness that targeted persecution is now upon us, and that government is using newly-acquired powers to try and silence the sound of the gospel in our land. Listen to Nelson’s account of his experience in this interview with Ciarán Kelly of the Christian Institute and let it be a spur to renewed prayer and courage in these challenging times.