Commitment To The Whole Truth

In a court of law, we understand that stating part of the truth can be a clever way of deceiving others, why is why the witness must promise to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Every error that comes into the church and causes so much damage begins as a part-truth and ends up being a full-blown deception. In this article, our colleagues at Reformation Scotland helpfully show why being committed to the whole counsel of God as defined in a confession of faith guards against this danger.

Comprehending a God who is Beyond our Comprehension

In this podcast from IRBS TS with Dr James Dolezal, the question is asked: How is it possible for us to comprehend a God who is beyond our comprehension? Dr Dolezal helps us to see that while we can never comprehend God comprehensively, nonetheless we can know God with assurance and be confident that our understanding is right. He also shows us why the reality of God's infinite and transcendent glory is the reason that eternity in heaven will always be satisfying as we seek to fathom the depths of an unfathomable God.

Remember Lot’s Wife, Body & Soul

At the present time, great emphasis is placed upon the preservation of the body, and that is certainly important; but isn't the soul even more important? Jesus points the people of his own time to Lot's wife as a lesson in what happens if you concentrate 100% on preserving the body and neglect the soul; the outcome is not good for either body or soul. The writer of this excellent article challenges us to be counter-cultural at this time and give greater priority to the needs of the soul than the needs of the body.

Why You Should Tune Out Modern Media And Read The Puritans

How easy it is to allow our minds to be overwhelmed by modern media: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, TV etc... Although there are exceptions, so much of what we read and see there is unprofitable, profane, godless, superficial and even deceptive. It would do us good to tune out and read the Puritans. This article explains why and shows us where to start.

Love From Liz

Following the entrance of our dear sister Liz into the presence of her Lord and Saviour, we now have the opportunity to reflect on her life and testimony. View the Love From Liz page to see the hymns we sang, the memories we shared and the scriptures we read on that memorable day; also listen to the messages we heard from the word of God. And remember in everything that all the glory belongs not to Liz, but to her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The Bible Is Positive About Procreation – Are We?

Our culture views having children as a choice and a sacrifice but seldom as a responsibility and a blessing. The Bible sees things very differently being pro-child, pro-procreation and pro-conception. We need to be counter-cultural in our view of the womb and its fruitfulness.

JP & Fiona Earnest Prayer Update

Latest prayer update from JP & Fiona with news on the work of Open Air Mission

Casting Your Vote For A Civil Magistrate

No-one can fail to have noticed that there is an election coming up in the United States. In this article, we are helpfully reminded of the priorities that should direct such voting. Let us seek to be biblical and God-honouring in all things.

Release international Latest News


Chinese Communist Party Rewrites The Bible

Communist party officials in China have rewritten one of the Bible’s most powerful accounts of Jesus Christ’s grace and divinity by blasphemously claiming the Saviour stoned to death the woman caught in adultery in John 8.

New Podcast. God’s Providence in Missions- Keith Underhill

In this episode Keith Underhill, a former missionary to Kenya gives his experience of God's providence in mission work. We explore why it is critically important for the local Church to be at the heart of supporting missions and for servants to go out into the mission field and preach the gospel in all parts of the world. May God lead us to pray for his work in these countries & for local Churches to send out men to give the gospel to the unreached.

Do We Really Need to GO To Church?

During the Covid-19 crisis, many churches have made it possible to "worship" online. The question now being asked is whether or not folk will ever return to worshipping in person? Carl Trueman and Todd Pruitt discuss this vital subject and encourage every Christian to return to worshipping in their local congregation as soon as they are able.

Do ALL Human Lives Have Equal Worth?

At the heart of assisted suicide and eugenics is the belief that some lives are worth more than others. In this interview with The Christian Institute, bioethics expert Calum MacKellar exposes the terrible inequality that arises from this view. He powerfully and concisely advocates the dignity of all human life based on the biblical truth that we are all made in the image of God.

Family Education Trust Bulletin

Read some very important articles about marriage, divorce, relationships education, abortion and transgender issues in relation to teenage girls. It is so important that we are informed of what is really happening regarding these critical matters, and you will not find this information on the BBC or Sky News or most of the media outlets. Keep revisiting our latest updates page to keep up to date for prayer and action.

What can we learn from unprecedented uncertainty?

Uncertainty is nothing new but the coronavirus crisis has taken this to more extreme levels. There is even a degree of uncertainty about facts, numbers, transmission, symptoms and science. No doubt there may be times and places that have experienced more uncertainty but for many this is at a new level. Disruption and uncertainty have impacted most aspects of most people’s lives. All these unknowns are personal as well as social and economic. We do not know how long the impact of the crisis will last and this creates fear and anxiety. How should we respond?

Should It Be Criminal To Believe The Bible? Proposed Scot Hate Crime Bill- A Discussion With Pastor Ali McLachlan

The proposed Hate Crime Bill in Scotland will open the possibility for people to be charged for having a Bible on their person or believing basic biblical truths. In this podcast, we discuss the proposed bill with Pastor Ali McLachlan, of Grace Baptist Church Edinburgh.

At least 58 people killed in jihadi attacks on Christian-majority region of DRC

At least 58 people were killed and 17 kidnapped when Muslim militants attacked two villages in the mainly-Christian north-east of the Democratic Republic of Congo in early September. Please pray for these Christian communities.

Police tell pastor not to offend gay pride as mob threaten to burn down his church

Devon and Cornwall Police have told a Christian pastor that if he offends the LGBT community he could be breaking the law after he posted a comment on a social media thread that welcomed the cancellation of a local gay pride event. Pastor Josh Williamson, 34, of Newquay Baptist Church, was warned by police to keep his views in a ‘safe environment’ after being targeted by a wave of anti-Christian abuse – including threats of violence and calls for his church to be burnt down.

The Need For National Repentance- Trinity Grace Podcast

"We humbly confess that we deserve Thy chastisement, because of our many national sins. But spare us, good Lord, according to Thy many mercies. Deal not with us according to our sins. Withdraw from us this grievous plague, and restore health to our people. Above all, stir up amongst us true repentance, and increase true religion in the land. We ask all in the name and through the mediation of Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom, with Thee and the Holy Ghost, be all honour and glory. Amen." A prayer by J.C. Ryle in the 19th Century amid the Cattle Plague.

An Honorable Structure- Oliver Allmand-Smith

The model of Puritan family life was powerful enough to establish joy in a household where eight children died in infancy, the father had to bury eleven out of his fourteen children, there was almost unremitting sickness and massive personal problems, as attested by Samuel Sewall and his family.

The New Perfectionism- Reformation21 Podcast

Carl and Todd are virtually visiting the beautiful state of Georgia, sipping some peach sweet tea with Rev. David Hall. David is the senior pastor at Midway Presbyterian Church in the Atlanta area, the hot spot for a yearly conference on reformed worship emphasizing the simplicity of worship and the centrality of preaching. Due to changes in state guidelines, this year’s event was canceled, so David chats instead with our heroes about the newest social phenomenon: Puritanical perfectionism.

At issue, the emergence of a secular kind of absolute morality, which punishes violators to the fullest extent of “woke” standards, leaving the perpetrator without any chance for redemption or forgiveness. Is this “new morality” a good thing for society? David reviews the “Five Points of Neo-Perfectionism,” discussing each in light of their social implications.

New Podcast- Discussion with Prof McIntosh

We discuss the bombardier beetle, irreducible complexity & "Wonders of Creation"

View the podcast here. External Site

Send aid to Lebanese Christians through Barnabas Fund

A massive explosion rocked the Lebanese capital, Beirut, early on Tuesday evening (4 August 2020), causing utter destruction in the port area of the city and damaging homes up to six miles away. It was followed moments later by a blast wave that knocked people to the ground. At least 135 people were killed, about 5,000 injured and hundreds of thousands made homeless.

The Power of Love in The Puritan Family.

Read part 3 of Oliver Allmand-Smith's article on the Puritan family. "In any organisation, a worthy goal is not sufficient to ensure success; there must also be an agreed means to get there. The Puritans were no different, and they held up biblical love as the fundamental means in reaching their shared goal of God’s glory. In their view, such love had to flow out from the marriage that lay at the heart of the family."

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Teaching History to Children. A Helpful Article on Reformation21.

When some deface statues of abolitionists in an effort to speak against racism, while others defend the past by keeping it under a veil of comfortable silence, we wonder what happened to sound reason. To resurrect reason, we need a serious commitment to honesty, humility, and hope in our study of history—and in how we present that history to our children.

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Christ, not Caesar, Is Head of the Church

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Grace & Truth magazine. Read and be encouraged.

The latest edition contains articles from our friends in Kenya, Keith Underhill & Oliver Allmand-Smith.

Help persecuted Christians to self-sufficiency- Barnabas Fund

View the article here. External Site

Kenya Prayer Diary- August

Pray for the brothers and sisters in Kenya as they seek to glorify God in their labours. Please pray for these friends.

BPAS offers DIY abortion pills for summer beach body

Video footage has revealed the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) illegally posting abortion pills to a woman who said she wanted to terminate her pregnancy because she didn’t “want to look pregnant on holiday.”

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A Confessional View of Adoption- Rob Ventura

Read about the glorious doctrine of adoption into God's family.

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The Cancer Of Cultural Marxism- A special episode with Rev Melvin Tinker on “That Hideous Strength”

Cultural Marxism has infiltrated the West and is increasingly showing it's ugly face in culture, the media and most worryingly, the Church. Melvin Tinker helpfully guides us through how the West was "lost" to this philosophy, what their anti-God agenda is and where it will guide our country in the future. Churches and Pastors must be prepared to take up their cross and stand for the truth of the gospel, even if this means suffering and oppression. We have a gospel of hope and salvation, but it is useless if we remain silent. Listen to this special podcast episode to find out more.

‘Scots must oppose proposed hate crime bill’

Read this article by the Christian Institute on this dangerous bill. Please pray that freedom to preach the gospel may remain.

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Read this interesting article on how biblical scholars can aid us in understanding God’s Word.

We don’t have to sweep tricky phrases from Scripture under the carpet, says Christopher Ash. In many cases, Bible scholarship can help us make sense of them.

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See the latest from the Open Air Mission.

Please pray that God would bless their labours, that their witness on English streets would bear good fruit.

A Time To Mourn & A Time To Dance- Carl Tureman

Some thoughts on the recent death of J. I. Packer.

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The Latest News From Kenya. Praise God for his goodness to our Kenyan friends.

New Video- What Is A Confession Of Faith?

Watch this video which explains what a confession of faith is & why it is so important for us to be "confessional".

Watch here External Site

To Comprehend The Great Three In One. J Hart.

Read & be blessed by this hymn from the @pandemicpuritan.

Creation Ministries International are joining us.

Please put this date in your diaries as Gavin Cox and Lucien Tuinstra will give us precious teaching on Saturday 30 January 2021.

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Pro-life victory as attempt to introduce radical abortion amendment fails.

An attempt to hijack the UK Government’s flagship Domestic Abuse Bill with two extreme abortion proposals has failed, in a major pro-life victory.

Praise God for His mercy & please pray that further attempts of the abortion lobby fail.

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Christ’s Blessings Through Challenges in Africa

Please read about Christ's faithfulness to the Africa Pastor's Conference & please pray.

Read about the APC here. External Site

The Autonomy of the Local Church

Hymn singing

While we are thrilled to be able to meet as a church family for worship, we cannot accept the principle that government has any jurisdiction in our churches. We accept the need to consider government advice and recommendations, and to work with them as far as the law of Christ allows, but in remaining silent while secular authorities criminalise those who gather to worship God we have surrendered the independence of our churches and our freedom for worship. We therefore support wholeheartedly the action being taken by Christian Concern and would ask all members to be much in prayer concerning our freedom to self-govern as local congregations under the Lordship of Christ.

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Kenya July Prayer Diary- Please read & Pray

Below you can find the latest prayer matters from our partners in Kenya. May God bless their labours.

The Puritan Family- How did they glorify God in their homes?

Read this article by one of our Pastors, Oliver Allmand-Smith

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Mortification of Spin- Walking through twilight.

Listen to this striking podcast on how we are to handle immensely difficult and challenging times of suffering.

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Pawaian Church update. Please pray.

Please read about the recent work of the Pawaian Church and pray the matters mentioned in the sheet. There are many opportunities, but also many possible challenges.

Freedom for Shagufta & Shafqat. Innocent Christians on death penalty.

Please sign this petition and commit these believers to prayer.

Sign the petition here. External Site

Love from Liz. New. The God of All Comfort.

Liz speaks about the wonder of God's comfort through times of immense suffering.

Mortification of Spin- None Greater. Latest Podcast.

Listen as Matthew Barrett discusses his latest book. None Greater: The Undomesticated Attributes of God.

Listen via this link. External Site