Politicians defend Franklin Graham amongst free speech row

MP's raised concerns about the free speech issue.

Jacob Rees Mogg said that ‘no-platforming’ Franklin Graham is an example of a “particularly disagreeable modern trend”.

Christmas ban is lifted in Sudan.

Thank God for the actions of the Minister of Religious Affairs in Sudan.

Read the Evangelical Now article about the ending of the Sudanese ban on Christmas.

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Brexit and the Christian Institute.

How will Brexit affect matters of human rights etc.

The Christian Institute lays out some consequences of Brexit on their agenda…

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“Lord, forgive our persecutors” say Rohingya Christians of their persecutors

Read about the Christ-like attitude of these saints tormented by their persecutors

Franklin Graham discriminated against due to views on homosexuality

Liverpool Council cancelled Franklin Graham event...

Reformation Scotland

How do I know my sins are forgiven?

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Nigerian Church leader murdered by Boko Haram.

Pastor Lawan Andimi was murdered in early January.

Pray for God’s work in North-East Nigeria.

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MERF- Recent prayer letter

Read the latest MERF prayer letter.