Our Shepherd’s Humble Heart

Read the next article of Tony's series on Jesus, our humble shepherd. May Christ be elevated in our thoughts.

New Podcast. The Cult of Personality & The Destruction of Real Leadership.

In many Evangelical Churches, the ideal leader is the celebrity. We pick our leaders over their past business success, or maybe their ability to appeal to teens, or their “zip”, “pazazz”, “wow factor” etc. These qualifications are not bad in themselves, but they are all secondary and unimportant when compared to the qualifications given in Scripture. Whether or not the leader is a person of truth seems to slip the minds of an increasing number of Churches when choosing a Pastor. How are we to tackle this issue? How are we to make sure that our leaders uphold the whole counsel of God and qualify for biblical leadership according to what the Bible teaches? This issue is discussed throughout the podcast.

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Calling Our Government To Repentance & Change. Trinity Grace Church Leadership Letters.

We have sent a number of letters to our Prime Minister and Communities Secretary to outline the need for repentance and for the restoration of the right to gather again for worship as churches.

Please read the short summary below and the letters to Government.

MP’s Urge Government to Allow Churches to Reopen

20 MP's have written to the government, urging them to change their policy on the reopening of Churches in July.

Please pray that the government would change their policy.

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A Forced Sabbath Rest? The Sabbath & Coronavirus- Oliver Allmand-Smith

Read this article to see what God is calling us to do in repentance and renewal of Sabbath rest.

After many weeks of lockdown, it is apparent that our culture has faced something entirely new for most of us – enforced “rest”. In the fourth commandment, God instructs all humanity to work for six days as we fight against the curse (Genesis 3:17-19) and “rest” on one day for worship and communion with God (Exodus 20:8-11). We have long despised this law, and perhaps the present enforcement of rest by God’s providential hand is connected with our breach of the fourth commandment. Read this article to see how this may be so and what God is calling us to do in repentance and renewal of Sabbath rest.

Latest MERF newsletter. Pray for this continuing work.

The Farsi ministry is bearing good fruit, please pray that God will bring salvation to many people through it, that many may be liberated from the false claims of Islam.

Chinese authorities demolish home-Church.

Barnabus fund report on the events.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in China as they seek to glorify God and build biblical Churches amid the persecution and suppression of truth.

“His Eye Is On The Sparrow” – Ethel Waters, by Les Yates

Read this article by Les Yates on the life of Ethel Waters and the beautiful hymn "His Eye Is On The Sparrow".

Are Evangelicals Forgetting God?

Read this and grow in God.

Reformation Scotland shows us how we should have God at the centre of our Church and personal lives in this article.

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Ask your MP to support the lives of disabled babies here.

A number of MP's are promoting a positive change to the current abortion law which allows parents to abort babies up to birth if they have club foot, cleft lip & cleft palate. Ask your MP to support.

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Praise God for Barnabas Fund . They have fed 500,000 starving Christians.

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Ask Your MP to Stand Up For Marriage.

Read this Christian Institute article and pray.

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How is the Christian identified? What “clothing” does the Christian wear?

Hymn singing

How can Christians be identified in places like the workplace or the classroom? It is surely by their conduct.

Read Les’ article here and be blessed through it- pray that God would make us all salt & light in this foreign land.

The Shepherd’s Heart is Pure.

Jesus didn't just teach about having a pure heart, He possessed a totally pure heart!

Read and be blessed through this edifying article by our Pastor, Tony Flanders.

Baptist Covenant Theology. Study 1. An introduction.

Why do Baptists disagree with infant baptism? How are we to understand the history of God's relations with a man? How are we "dead" in Adam but "alive" in Christ? How were Old Testament believers saved? These are the questions that will be answered through this series.

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Give thanks & Pray. Six Thirty-One Ministries.

Praise God that he has provided for the needs of Six Thirty-One. Please be prayerful regarding the issues raised in the newsletter.

Please pray for Zafar Bhatti

Please pray for this arrested brother from Pakistan.

Pray for this brother, that he would be Christ-like throughout this false accusation & that God would protect him through this difficulty.

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The Shepherd’s Compassionate Heart

Read Tony Flander's latest article on Jesus, our compassionate shepherd.

Jesus was and is compassionate in preaching and in meeting our needs. Glory be to God.

Urge your MP to vote against imposing abortion on Northern Ireland

Please pray and act by writing to your MP in these difficult days. This wickedness can be prevented. We must protect the lives of the most vulnerable.

Read here and act. External Site

Should we be surprised?

We should not be surprised that God is judging us. We must repent and pray.

As a nation, we have greatly transgressed God’s laws. We have trodden upon each of His holy and beautiful commandments. Why are we surprised that God has sent affliction upon us? We should be expecting affliction and punishment for our wickedness.
If we are to think biblically, we must thank God for his graciousness in not sending worse punishment. As Christians, we must see this and react rightly in prayer and fresh devotion to God. Read the below article as Austin Walker helpfully develops this issue for us.

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