Our unity with Trinity Baptist Church Nairobi.

Our connection with Trinity Baptist Church Nairobi goes back to 2006 when our Pastor first visited the church, and now we support the work in many different ways almost on a daily basis. The church began in 1978 when Keith Underhill and his family commenced meetings in their home – now upwards of 200 meet each Lord’s Day for worship, ministry and fellowship. The ministry of the church spreads across East Africa and includes ministerial training at the Trinity Pastor’s College, church planting, national conferences, student ministry, schools ministry and diaconal aid. We share with them our Confession of Faith (1689) and common convictions about the priority of the local church in the purposes of Christ. We warmly commend this ministry, and support can be sent through TRAINkenya.com Please pray for TBC Nairobi. They have many needs as they are growing in number at a fast rate. Please pray that they would remain faithful to the whole counsel of God for generations to come and that God would grant the leadership unity and wisdom to tackle the ever-present challenges of the work.

Pray For The Leadership

We thank the Lord for providing the church in Nairobi with godly leaders who are united in the work of the gospel and the cause of Christ. Please make a special commitment to pray for them as they face massive challenges and equally enormous opportunities — often is it very difficult just to make it through a single week of ministry in such a context.

As you read the update from June 2021, you will come to know the leaders a little better and get an insight into their calling, their labours and their needs. Seek the Lord’s favour upon them, and as you do think of them in their situation, seeking as you intercede to understand what they are facing and stand with them in their ministry.

Our God is good and his mercies are unfailing upon all those who seek him in truth.

Trinity Pastors College Nairobi

Trinity Pastors College is based at Trinity Baptist Church Nairobi and was set up by Keith Underhill for the training of Kenyan Pastors according to the Scriptures. At the college, the men are taught in the Scriptures for 3 years, and they are all given chances to grow practically in their gifts. Some of the students are already pastors but taught the false gospel of health, wealth and prosperity, and after hearing the gospel they desired to serve God according to His word instead of their word. We thank God for the work of the Trinity Pastors College in training men for the gospel ministry and pray that God would continue to use the college for the good of His Churches in Kenya.

The Trinity Pastors College needs our prayer! Here are some things you can pray for:

  • That Trinity Baptist Church may continue to serve God faithfully and that the Church would continue to be able to run the college.
  • That the students would be faithful in carrying out all the modules of the course, and that they would be eager but also humble in their learning.
  • That God would continue to bring students to the college so that they can either be sent out to minister or return to their Churches with a thorough knowledge of God.
  • That the students who have been through the college and are ministering in a Church would not waver but would remain faithful to God and His word.