Protestant Baptist Church, Carcassonne

Protestant Baptist Church is an evangelical Baptist Church that faithfully preaches the gospel in the heart of the historic city of Carcassonne. They are a growing fellowship and they reach out to the people of Carcassonne with the gospel regularly. Every Friday and Saturday they evangelise in the markets and there are events throughout the year such as concerts where they have an opportunity to preach the gospel to large numbers of unbelievers.

Unfortunately, we cannot give comprehensive information on the work there due to safety reasons, but please pray for this work.

Please pray:

  • That God will guide the leadership according to His word and that they would be kept safe, as they are in danger because of the gospel they preach.
  • That there would be more conversions and that the Church would grow in number for the glory of God.
  • That the work in Carcassonne can lead to other evangelical Churches being built and the gospel being preached throughout the whole of France.