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College Kids Say the Darndest Things: On Identity

View this short film to see what is happening to the minds of our young people today as a result of “the sovereignty of the individual”. If you stop believing the truth, you won’t end up believing nothing: you’ll end up believing anything.
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Billy Graham tribute

Last week Billy Graham died. It is surely right to remember the life and faith of a man used of God for the conversion of so many. For all his faults in the work of evangelism, his zeal and conviction are surely a spur to us all.

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IRBS Theological seminary

IRBS: ‘Renewing the present with help from the past’ conference

The IRBS Conference will take place on Saturday 21st April at the Barbican Centre in London.

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IRBS Theological seminary

Read the IRBS June Newsletter

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Ernie Westwell memorial

Ernie Westwell – Memorial
1928 to 2018

See our memorial page for Ernie, with memories from his family and friends.

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House of Ants – Donation Video

For more information please contact: Rob Stredder at; or;
Paul Challoner at;

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Tony Simon

Following Tony Simon’s sudden and tragic death in Erbil in May, please read the tribute and view the short Youtube film remembering his remarkable life. Let us all be encouraged to make a difference for the Lord and spend our lives faithfully in His service, just as Tony did..

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Lanka Link

Lanka Link – Appeal

Our churches in the North & East of Sri Lanka have experienced the worst drought in 40 years – Please read the newsletter and donate if you can!

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Renee Jones - Memoral

Renée Jones Memorial
(1928 to 2017)

Click here to read the memorial page of Renée Jones 1928 to 2017

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The Christian Instutute

The Christian Institute

The Christian Institute exists for the furtherance and promotion of the Christian religion in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. The Christian Institute is a nondenominational Christian charity committed to upholding the truths of the Bible.

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Why is modern art so bad?

Relativism affects not only morality but also many other aspects of our society including art. This five-minute Youtube film exposes how modern art promotes mediocrity and banality in the name of freedom of expression. Relativism produces ugliness as well as wickedness, and a whole lot more as well!

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Supporting Church Leaders in their Ministry

6:31 Refreshment Ministries seeks to serve the Lord Jesus by ministering to His ministers. Training and establishing new ministers is of limited value if we don’t take care of them when they are serving the church, serving their Lord.

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As Jesus travelled down to Jerusalem the people were singing and shouting
“Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord, Hosana in the highest” The Pharisee’s tried to stop them, but they went on singing, and even if stopped on earth they will continue to praise Him in heaven.
As the Pharisee’s complained, Jesus told them that if the people were to stop, the very stones would cry out.

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Mercy in Our time of Failure

Is prayer a gift granted to some Christians, but not others?
Is prayer answered on the basis of our good performance, or God’s good grace?
Is prayer for those who have earned a hearing with God, or for those who know they will never earn anything from God, least of all answers to our prayers?
Is prayer something we need to ration and limit because God might run out of patience with our requests, or run out of resources to answer us?
Is prayer to be offered up hesitatingly and doubtfully, wondering if we will be heard, or confidently and with assurance in Christ’s name, knowing that He will answer?
Let Leith Samuel answer these questions in the word of his hymn:

Mercy in our time of failure,
grace to help in time of need:
this sure promise of our Saviour
is a word that we may plead.

He has passed into the heavens,
He is seated on the throne,
ever for us interceding,
always caring for His own.

There is none He will not welcome,
no request He cannot meet;
let us not be slow to ask Him,
lay our burdens at His feet.

We can never come too often,
never with a need too great,
never with a prayer too simple;
only fear to come too late!

Daily on our pilgrim journey
praise Him for His matchless grace,
live for His immortal glory
till in heaven we see His face.

c Mrs E Samuel


Grace Baptist Church Scotland

Dear friends, I am writing to thank you so much for your ongoing support of Grace Baptist Partnership in Scotland. Over the last 5 years, we have seen the Lord provide for us incredibly. There were many who thought our work was impossible to sustain financially. God has provided – and that, through you. Our work is moving forward with many encouragements.

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Love Kills Hate in Sri Lanka

Militants attacked Pastor Priyantha, threatened his wife and children and destroyed his church! See how he responded in our new four-minute video, Love kills hate in Sri Lanka.

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House of Ants

This day centre for the support of needy children was founded by Brazilian missionary Delci Santos in the early 1990’s. With the help of Alfredo Banzima the national president, they cater for over 350 children, feeding them, giving them medical care, teaching them basic skills, and most of all sharing God’s Word with them on a daily basis.

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the art of encouragement.-small

The Art of Encouragement

Recently, my friend and colleague here at TGCR, Tony Flanders, led us in a series of three Bible Studies entitled “The Art of Encouragement.” His words of sound Biblical counsel and exhortation were a great blessing to the church. You can listen to the messages on Sermonaudio, and you will find a summary of his points on our Text Messages page. May the Lord fill our churches with much-needed “Sons of Encouragement”. Pastor Oliver.

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