Creation Introduction

Who am I? Where have I come from?
What we believe to be the answer to these questions will determine how we view ourselves, the world we live in and those around us.

The two major worldviews on offer are: –
Human beings are the product of a mindless event – an accidental collision of atoms brought about by the blind forces of nature, without plan, meaning or purpose.

We are here on purpose by design and that each individual (regardless of circumstances) is of eternal worth and significance.

One of these worldviews must be wrong and the particular view to which you subscribe will taint your understanding of yourself, everyone around you and everything you see. The question of origins must surely be of the highest importance to every one of us.

Many people dismiss the Bible’s explanation of origins without any real consideration because it is “obviously wrong”. Is it? On this web page we encourage you to investigate why we believe the Bible gives the most reliable, accurate and satisfying account on the question of origins, especially in the light of the discoveries of modern science.

Prepare to be surprised!
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