Reformed & Baptist: Studies in the 1689 Confession

Our Partnership with IRBS Seminary.

For a number of years, Prof Jim Renihan had visited the UK encouraging us to return to our confessional roots and build churches that are distinctively Reformed Baptist, committed to the 1689 Confession. Along with a team of men over in the States, Prof Renihan trained young men for the ministry through the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies, based at Westminster Seminary in California in the past. Plans were made to establish a stand-alone residential Seminary, committed to the 1689 Baptist Confession. The Seminary is now established in Texas and training more men each year, faithfully, rigorously and to the highest of standards.

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Reformed & Baptist: Studies in the 1689 Confession

Theology of Ministry: Dr James Renihan, Principal of IRBS Seminary.

A week of study in partnership with IRBS Seminary. March 9 – 13. 2020.

To be held at Trinity Grace Church, Ramsbottom, Bury, Lancashire, BL0 9AD.