Welcome to Trinity Baptist Church – Charlesworth

Please join us every Sunday

Please join us this Sunday morning 10:45am as we worship the living and true God.

Trinity Baptist Church, Glossop Road, Charlesworth, SK13 5HB

A local Church

This is your local church and it matters to us that you feel it’s a place where you can belong. We want everyone who walks into our church to feel welcome and at home among us.

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Our worship is simple

We don’t invent a style of worship to suit a particular group. That’s not conducive to unity. God helps us, through his
word, to know how he wants us to worship him. As he is a God of love, his desire is to restore a real and meaningful
relationship with his creation.

God’s word teaches us that true worship of God can only be offered through his Son the Lord Jesus Christ. This brings him glory and at the same time, deepens our joy and satisfaction in God. There is no greater fulfilment known to man than to worship him in spirit and in truth. John ch4:24.

You will always receive a warm welcome

We are a friendly and welcoming Church, with a great concern for and commitment to our community.

We are a small congregation from various walks of life, so there is no need to feel shy or awkward should you come to one of our services.

You will feel more than welcome no matter what your background. Far from being an inward looking church, we are constantly exploring new ways to engage with and serve our community.

… and a tasty lunch!

A tasty lunch is served every Sunday, with a mouth watering desert to follow!


The church building was established back in 1835 at the endorsement of William Gadsby a well known and prolific minister of the gospel from a most unlikely background.

Over the decades, faithful congregations had been reduced to as low as one male member called John Swallow, a deacon of the church back in the early 1900s.

More recently in 2006 an extensive maintenance program was undertaken by the trustees at that time, bringing the chapel up to speed to accommodate a warm and appropriate environment for worship.

We are thankful to God that he has kept the truth of the gospel faithful preached to this day. May he continue to do so till he comes.

Present day

At present we are a small congregation with a huge long term vision.

With excellent resources, and the committed support of Trinity Grace Church in Ramsbottom, we believe God is calling us to faithfully proclaim the saving gospel of Jesus Christ as was preached throughout the New Testament.

Many in our modern society will not have heard this life transforming message in its purest form and we believe this is how God builds his church.


Responsible for the churches outreach program, community relations and pastoral care of the church is Rob Stredder, accompanied by a shared responsibility with Oliver Allmand-Smith and the
elders at Trinity Grace Church Ramsbottom.

Contact details for Rob Stredder:

Mob: 07989 265578


Trinity Baptist Church, Glossop Road, Charlesworth, SK13 5HB