Why The Reformation Matters Today

The Protestant Reformation began 500 years ago to the day when a German monk named Martin Luther posted 95 propositions for theological debate in Latin on the theologians’ notice board in the town of Wittenberg.

What relevance could that possibly have to us today? Find out here.

John Warburton

Are you from a humble, disadvantaged, secular background where there was no interest in spiritual things? Are such people beyond hope? John Warburton’s story of glorious redemption and fruitful ministry gives a clear, emphatic and most encouraging answer!

William Gadsby

Oliver Allmand-Smith addresses the Grace Baptist Assembly with the remarkable life-story of Manchester Minister William Gadsby, who overcame severe poverty and many other disadvantages to become regarded by his contemporaries as a gifted preacher.

The Reformed Baptist's, Where Did They Come From and What Can We Learn?

The Reformed Baptists emerged from the protestant reformation, but then what? Read this article which doesn’t just explain origins, but also brings us lessons we can learn from the emergence of the Particular Baptists.

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