Tribute from Oliver Allmand Smith, Pastor

When meeting Charles out and about folk could easily make the mistake of thinking that he was just a slightly eccentric, rather bookish loner; but if you asked him about the Lord Jesus and came to see him at Trinity Grace Church you would see him very differently! Here was a man who had a thriving, personal, intelligent, thoughtful and profound relationship with his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

And how he loved the church, or rather HIS church in Rammy where he was a committed member for over 50 years.

Charles was no lightweight when it came to spiritual things! He valued reverent worship, profound preaching, solid hymns, sound fellowship, serious prayer, earnest evangelism and close communion with his Lord. I will never forget his prayers that “the Lord will undertake” for His people in their needs, and that God would add to the church “the such as should be saved”. Charles always sought the glory of the Lord in prayer, and did so with energy, understanding and perseverance.

How we need more like him in our prayer meetings!

Praise God that he is now upheld by those everlasting arms that were so precious to him. He will be singing that hymn he loved so much with new joy in heaven even now:

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Tribute from Nicholas Boardman

My lasting memory of Charles was the way in which he was always leading us in prayer at our corporate prayer meetings.

I recollect one time when he was working and was not able to make it to the bible study but nevertheless he still came in time to contribute to the prayer time held straight after the bible study.

Tribute from Les and Ann Yates

I have known Charles for over fifty years and since his conversion in 1966 it has been my privilege to share his walk and pilgrimage with the Lord. Charles lacked certain domesticated skills, but what he lacked in the practicalities of life he certainly made up for through his deep spirituality.

Talking with Charles, the conversation inevitably turned to some biblical theme or some extract from one of the many Christian books he loved to read. I shall miss Charles, not least for the deep Christian fellowship we shared in the Lord.

Tribute from Rob and Liz Stredder

50 years in the faith would never have been seen as an achievement by our dear brother Charles, rather, an absolute privilege and joy. A man who’s calm demeanour reflected a confidence and trust in his Saviour that sadly many seldom find. Often silent, yet his presence was always known. His support of every major service in the church was exemplary and serves to be testimony to us all.

His love for the Lord was expressed not only in his attendance at the prayer meetings, but also in his heartfelt expressions in prayer of his desire to know the Lord even more. His commitment to sharing his faith was probably best seen in his absolute reluctance to stepping down from his door to door ministry, after which he became one of the founder participants of the dedicated prayer meeting for evangelism.

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Tribute from Peter Johnston

When I last spoke to Charles in hospital, I will remember and cherish this brief time we spent together. We talked about eternal things.

He told me he was ‘ready’ and he had nothing to worry about as he believed in his risen Saviour…he smiled very broadly, telling me this many times over.

Tribute from Richard Sharples

Charles would always jump at the opportunity to pray during our conversations on the telephone.

Tribute from Tony Flanders

I will always remember the Charles chuckle: his deep and often unexpected laugh that would erupt at different times. On a number of occasions we would be speaking about some serious biblical matter, and suddenly he would break in with his chuckle.

Often I would wonder, “What’s so funny? Did I say something wrong?” Then as the chuckle subsided he would say, “Praise the lord”, and I would realise that it was a chuckle of joy.

Tribute from Peter Dalliday

I remember when first coming to church, that I was struck by the fact that Charles always carried a small Bible.

Tribute from Lillian Petch

Charles had a lovely voice, especially when he was young. Although, he was happy to do things in the background, he could at times be persuaded to sing for us. The song he usually sang was,

“There were ninety and nine that safely lay
In the shelter of the fold;
But one was out on the hills away,
Far off from the gates of gold.
Away on the mountains wild and bare;
Away from the tender Shepherd’s care.”

Davina | Family Tributes

My Uncle Charles
As a little girl sat on your knee
My Uncle Charles, so dear to me
You took me to watch Watership Down
My Uncle Charles never a frown
Our conversations on the phone
Just to remind you, you’re not alone
Saying goodbye to Nana on Bispham beach
Your calming hand was there to reach
But Uncle Charles, now you are gone
And your sunshine no longer shone
Up in Heaven with Nana you’ll be
Waiting one day for Mum and me
Goodnight God bless Uncle Charles

Daniel | Family Tributes

My memories of Uncle Charles include: watching Star Trek and Top Gear with him on Saturday evenings whilst at Nana’s house, and playing with his Star Trek models.

Dorothy | Family Tributes

Memories of my brother Charles are many and varied
He was a gentle giant with bright blue eyes,
a cheeky smile and a very sweet tooth
His thirst for knowledge displayed in his
Amazing and varied collection of books
Over the years his variety of hobbies which included
his love of model making, his gift for drawing
and his lifelong enjoyment of Star Trek
He was always a bit of a character known around
the town for his collection of hats and coats
His absolute devotion to Christianity and the Church.
The memories so dear and true
Those memories of me and you
Love Dorothy x